Friday, 11 April 2014

Real Money Poker Casino Tour

Miami Club VideoPoker 120x600                        Miami Club Blackjack 120x600          So I guess you may have played a bit of friendly online casino poker but now you want to try out the real thing, into the real money poker game. There are two ways to play real money poker, either offline poker with real money or online poker with real money. I have to say that the two are the same game with some major differences. Real money Poker Offline vs. Real Money Poker online is similar in that it is the same game but offline you monitor more than just the cards, and the way the players play their chips. You monitor their body language, nervous twitches etc.
Important tips for playing offline are:
  • Keeping a straight face (damn those annoying twitches)
  • Control your breathing
  • Wear dark glasses (because they hide your expressions and they look cool)
  • Only look at your cards once
  • Exercise Patience
Online Real Money Online Casino Poker tips:
  • Get a good chair, your going to be playing for a while
  • Find the patience you never thought you had
  • Get a descent size bank roll (make sure you don’t use your bread and water money)
  • Make sure you have lots of time to play
The bottom line is that online poker is about patience. Knowing your cards, and being able to lay down cards if you don’t think you have the best hand or your not convinced about something. Real Money Poker is the same as ordinary fun poker; it’s a game of percentages. Online real money poker is just that, a game of percentages and a bit of luck. But the real money poker tours show us that the pros know how to make the plays and lay down when they have to. It’s the amateurs that go all in unnecessarily. Poker fatigue is a huge part of this. People get tired after a while and start acting irrationally. Going back and going home.
Poker is about the long haul especially with real money poker that requires you to wait out the bad hands so that you can capitalize on the good hands you get. But never forget that even an AA can get beaten.

Real Money Poker Tours

If you get past making a bit of money on the internet then you may get interested in the Real Money Poker Tour. This is basically when you are looking to become semi-professional. Keep in mind the costs of traveling, if you don’t make a great start and let’s face it your going to be playing against professionals now. Real Money poker touring is like any other professional sport. It has its regular events, offline and online. It has its professional league the WPT and the EPT. These tours have leader boards and all the regular trappings of a normal sporting tour.
Poker tour professionals also get involved in a large number of endorsements which also make them some really big real money. Most of these endorsements come from online poker rooms. Online poker rooms use figures like Gus Hansen (Internal Link) as figure heads often giving up stakes in the poker room for the use of their image.There is no doubt about it poker offline and online is big money, and where there is big money there’s real money poker tournaments going on. If you’re interested in some online real money tournaments why not you try out some of our selected online poker rooms.